ATSTORM® is the most advanced system on the market thanks to
its unique detection technology and IoT centralised monitoring.

ATSTORM® is the smart thunderstorm early warning system, designed to activate and deactivate temporary preventive actions to minimise the risks arising from a possible lightning strike.

Data collection

Continuous monitoring of the electrostatic and electromagnetic field, detecting local risk before the onset of discharges, as well as lightning strikes tens of kilometres away.

Precise diagnostics

Processing of local data by expert algorithms that accurately and precisely identify storm formation or approaching conditions in the area.

Multi-channel objective alerts

The processed information is sent to the user, allowing anticipation time (tens of minutes) to initiate preventive measures.

ATSTORM® is the technological solution that prevents risks in the event of thunderstorms.

Maximum efficiency

With the ATSTORM® system, users, owners, occupational risk prevention specialists and infrastructure operators achieve:


Identification as early as possible of the real and objective thunderstorm risk in order to activate temporary preventive measures.

Downtime reduction: saving time and money

“Risk-free” notifications based on real-time analysis of conditions rather than pre-set safety times for the resumption of normal functions.


Real-time information on local storm conditions. Easily available historical data.


The ATSTORM® thunderstorm detection system is a smart solution supported by IoT technologies, based on the evaluation of the conditions of the area to be protected and the evaluation of multiple data which support the expert algorithms.

The ATSTORM® system helps to prevent occupational hazards, to objectively determine the actual local risk and to optimise downtimes in the event of a thunderstorm.

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