SMART LIGHTNING: smart lightning protection.

DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE the first smart lightning arrester on the market thanks to R&D&i applied to protect against electrical storms

Smart technology: daily self-diagnostics and IoT connectivity.

Daily autonomous assessment of the lightning arrester head status.

Technology that protects: real regulatory compliance

Consecutive tests on the same terminal in official and independent laboratories.

Technology that works: beyond regulatory requirements

Reliability, continuous improvement and the highest standards in testing and certification beyond regulatory requirements.

Digital transformation in lightning protection systems

DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE’s self-diagnostics and status communication provide the following advantages.

Real preventive maintenance

Prevention of dangerous situations due to lack of maintenance at the right time.

Awareness of the protection status

No need to wait for planned inspections to know the status of the protection status.

No need for disassembly

Time and cost savings and minimisation of risks minimisation in maintenance operations.


DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE complies with UNE 21.186:2011 “Protection against lighting: Early streamer emission lightning protection systems” and similar standards (NFC 17-102:2011, NP 4426:2013, UNC-1185, etc.).

Advanced features beyond the standards:

  • Extended lightning current stress test over 200 kA.
  • Operation in explosive atmospheres.
  • Certified operation in rainy conditions (insulation greater than 95%).
  • Product certificate with the AENOR N stamp.

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