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Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has developed its own method based on the simplification of measuring, IoT communications and the application of Artificial Intelligence

Determination of the number and position of measurement points.

On-site measurements with the GEOELECTRIC EARTHING METER system.

Data processing, representation and interpretation by the technical expert team.

Optimisation and final report.

Optimise your earthing system projects by reducing costs and improving safety through a geoelectric study.

Why is a geoelectrical study necessary for an earthing project?

Knowing the resistivity of the soil in each subsoil layer facilitates the selection of the most suitable earthing system to obtain the desired resistance value and the highest safety:

More efficients

Faster to excute

With lower costs

With contolled touch and step voltage on the entire surface

With greater safety for people on site

With an optimised service life

Expert analysis of soil resistivity to optimise earthing

Having the geoelectrical soil characteristics results in a faster and more economical installation, which reduces the final costs of an earthing project and allows optimisation of its efficiency and service life.

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