SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM is the smart solution developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas for the efficient supervision of earthing systems.

SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM enables distributed processing and centralised monitoring of earthing systems, as well as data interpretation, providing useful information for optimal decision making.

Data collection

Distributed processing and centralised monitoring for real-time follow-up of the status of the electrical installation and the equipment connected to it.

Accurate diagnostics

Data interpretation through AI algorithms for complete characterisation of the monitored system.

Objective multi-channel alerts

Feedback sent to the different departments to minimise risks, failures and their effects, and optimise the useful life of assets with predictive maintenance.

Optimise the safety and operational-financial efficiency of your assets.

SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM: real-time information and financial savings

Operational excellence

Data-driven, predictive maintenance that optimises asset lifetime. Real-time alerts for corrective maintenance. Theft and vandalism detection.

Risk minimisation

Prevention of critical situations due to step and touch voltages. Continuous and unattended verification of asset status. Real-time detection of earthing disconnections.

Financial efficiency

Cost savings due to logistical simplification of verification processes and early detection of asset failure situations.


Distributed sensorisation, IoT connectivity and artificial intelligence for earthing system monitoring.

SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM uses IoT technology to monitor earthing systems and connected elements at regular and programmable intervals.

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