SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER provides real time lightning strike information to improve safety.

SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER provides centralised, real time lightning strike alerts for single or multiple facilities via IoT communication.

Data collection

Continuous monitoring of the electrical activity in the down conductors of lightning protection systems where SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER is installed.

Precise diagnostics

Local data processing by expert algorithms.

Multi-channel objective alerts

The processed information is sent to the user via the CONNECT platform.

Identification and characterisation of the lightning strike for immediate inspections, early repairs and analysis in the event of an incident.

Real-time lightning information for regulatory compliance

According to lightning protection standards, lightning protection system checks must be carried out periodically or whenever the protected structure is modified, repaired or struck by lightning.

Real-time lightning strike alerts

Alerts of the exact moment of impact allow optimising preventive and corrective maintenance and verification operations.

Characterisation of the discharge

Precise information on the main parameters of the intercepted lightning.

Control of multiple facilities

Permanent monitoring with centralised information of facilities located in different places.


The smart alert system – real time data register of captured lightning strikes, which is installed in the down conductor of the air terminal and, via IoT communication, reports the impact and its characteristics at the moment it occurs.

Real time monitoring of the lightning protection installation allows for an immediate post-impact check for possible damage, without waiting for the next on-site inspection.

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